Message From Director CTP

I welcome you to the new Portal of the Civil Services Academy (CSA), Walton, which will also serve as the hub of activities of CSA, probationary officers and the CSA Alumni. It will allow CSA to serve as a link between Probationary officers and the CSA Alumni. The Portal also contains a link to the digital Learning Management System of Common Training Programme (CTP), thus providing an ease of access to the probationary officers. The Learning Management System is a digital platform of the training activities of CTP, which is a blend of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The objectives of the CTP are three fold i.e. attitudinal change, skill development and knowledge enhancement. The knowledge component comprises of core subjects like Economics and Public Finance, Public Sector Management, Government Procedures and Management, Government & Society in Pakistan. The skills component comprises of negotiations & conflict management skills, communication, I.T. and evidence based decision-making skill etc. The attitudinal change is by far the most difficult component and therefore greater emphasis is paid on this component through lecture discussions, workshops, seminars and host of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

This Portal is a means of interactive learning. Discussion forums will generate academic discussions and will give new horizons to analysis and research reports. This will equip the officers with necessary skills to deal with intricacies of civil service. Brief about the major co-curricular activities, which include Clubs, Country Study Tour, Military Attachment and Cultural Nights are available on Portal. CSA Cultural Nights adorn the spirit of nationalism and highlight the beauty of diversity, which are amply reflected on the portal. This portal will give real time information and will attract meaningful participation.

I will encourage the officers to make full use of this facility and hone their knowledge & skills to make optimal benefit of the CTP, which will be of immense benefit for them in their future assignments.