About CSA

Civil Services Academy is a premier institution for pre-service training of officers who are allocated into twelve occupational groups after qualifying Central Superior Examination conducted by a constitutional body Federal Public Service Commission. The aim of the institution is “To transform the probationary officers into an effective and efficient public servant”. The objectives are “Knowledge Enhancement, Skill development, Attitudinal Change. The hallmark of the training is continuous improvement in quality of the Training, adoption of best international practices, regular capacity building of the Faculty, enhanced training efficiency through digitization, engaging eminent speakers with cutting edge knowledge, imparting the skills required for modern day public service and mentoring the young officers for future challenges.
Civil Services Academy, Lahore has two campuses: Walton campus for Common Training Program of all the occupational groups, which is also the flagship program of CSA and PAS Campus, for Specialized Training of PAS officers. Both these Campuses are under the administrative control of Director General, who is assisted by Director (CTP), Director (PAS), Director (Admin & Finance) and Director (Capacity Building).  The CTP Wing is responsible for designing and executing the Common Training Program and it has its own permanent faculty comprising of Chief Instructor (Economics & Public Finance), Chief Instructor Public Sector Management and Chief Instructor CTP, who is responsible for subjects of Government Procedures & Management as well as Government & Society in Pakistan. In addition, there are five senior faculty members (BS-19) who act as an incharge of each Academic House besides supervising various other components of training such as military attachment, sports, CSA Clubs, Syndicate Research, Community Work etc.